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Key Features


  • 8 Week WR On Field Workout Plan


  • 8 Week WR Gym Workout Plan


  • 4 Week Speed Workout Plan


  • Step By Step Guide On How To Get Started In The Recruiting Process


  • Face value $200- Get It Today For $150!


This is a digital download document that will be emailed to you upon purchase. You will get access to our ELITE WR TRAINING PACKAGE. Included in our elite package is an 8 Week WR On Field Route Running/Drill Workout Plan, an 8 Week WR Gym Workout Plan, Our 4 Week Speed Development Workout Plan & our College Recruiting Guide to help you play at the next level! Each workout plan will consist of specific exercises/drills for WRs with the exact sets/reps to follow. We also include a video example of each on field drill so you are not confused. This will help WRs improve route running, footwork, speed and their catching ability. Everything a college coach would be looking for in a QB. Our 4 Week Speed Plan will consist of gym exercises designed to help WRs get faster. To play at the next level you need great speed to compete with some of the best athletes on the field.  Then lastly, our recruiting guide is a step by step guide as to how you can get started in the recruiting process. We talk about how to get a college coach’s attention, how to email a coach, message a coach and much more! Thank you for your consideration and I hope this can give you some value!


ELITE WR Training Package

$200.00 Regular Price
$150.00Sale Price
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