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Ultimate College Recruiting Guide

Key Features

-60 Minute Video On How To Get Recruited

-How To Use Social Media To Get Recruited

-How To Get Recruited In A Small Town

-Best Camps To Attend

-How To Find Camps

& Much More!

This is a digital download document that will be emailed to you upon purchase. You will get access to our ULTIMATE COLLEGE RECRUITING GUIDE. Our college recruiting guide is a video series designed by Coach Grant Caraway, owner of First Down Training. Coach Grant is very well versed in the recruiting process. He has relationships with hundreds of college coaches across the country and send a countless number of athletes to division 1 programs every year out of his camps. He knows what it takes to get recruited and receive a scholarship offer. He designed this guide to help students & athletes become educated in the recruiting process and to avoid the mistakes he sees parents make every year. Every single year parents will waste thousands of dollars on “recruiting services” or “recruiting agents”. This digital download is a tell all guide that will stop you from wasting thousands on recruiting services/apps that don’t actually help you. This guide will help you learn the ACTUAL steps to the recruiting process, how to receive a legitimate scholarship offer and how you can better set up your future without the need of a recruiting agency. Recruiting agencies are not well respected in the college world. They are referred to as “street agents”. People who are just in it for the money. College coaches would much rather hear from the athlete and their parents over some 3rd party who doesn’t even know the athlete. In this guide we breakdown the 10 steps of receiving an offer and will go into great detail discussing the EXACT way you can get recruited in the modern college football era. I hope this can bring you some value!

ULTIMATE College Football Recruiting Guide

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$100.00Sale Price
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