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This is a digital download document that will give you access to our 28 DAY QB ON FIELD WORKOUT PLAN & our 28 DAY QB GYM WORKOUT PLAN. This will be a daily 4 week training schedule for QBs with the exact exercises you should be doing on the field for throwing mechanics, throwing on the run, pocket movement and off platform throws along with the specific gym exercises QBs should be doing to maximize performance. QBs cannot train like bodybuilders- they need to train like throwing/rotational athletes. That is exactly what our gym portion of this schedule will do. Combining our gym routine and our on field routine will help QBs maximize their potential on the field. There is over 200+ exercises combined into this schedule. You will also receive a video example and breakdown of each on field drill in a private YouTube link. Upon purchasing, the digital download will be emailed to you and you can gain access to all of the content on there. Thank you for your consideration and I hope you enjoy! 

Ultimate QB Training Schedule

$100.00 Regular Price
$70.00Sale Price
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