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This is a digital download document where you will gain access to our full 28 Day ON FIELD WR WORKOUT PLAN & Our 28 Day WR GYM PLAN. Both of these programs work together and give receivers all of the tools they need to be successful on the field. With our on field workout plan we give you specific drills to improve your route running, press releases, hands, explosiveness and balance. We breakdown each day of the plan with the drills formed into specific sets/reps and we also include a 30 minute instructional video where we breakdown each drill, the importance of each drill & a full speed example of each! In our 28 day gym program we give you a specific WR training schedule to perform in the gym. We include specific exercises to help with your speed, explosiveness, balance, stability, core strength, leg strength and overall athleticism! All exercises can translate to on the field play for WRs! All exercises are split into sets and reps as well. Separately this bundle would cost $80 but for today you can get it for $70!  I hope this gives you some value and thank you for the consideration. 



$140.00 Regular Price
$70.00Sale Price
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