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10 BEST FOODS For Weight Gain

Below we will be discussing the 10 best foods to eat for weight gain and WHY they are important for weight gain.

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1)- Steak or Red Meat (this is a high calorie protein along with choice #2. Gaining weight is all about calories and consuming more than you burn. Protein is great for you because it repairs broken down muscle tissue you have from working out. So you are killing two birds with one stone. High calorie & high protein. Also, it’s a natural protein which is the best kind. Your body absorbs more. Protein shakes & powder should only be consumed to get the daily amount of protein in- natural protein from food is the best) 

2)- Ground Beef (high calorie protein) 

3)- Rice (high calorie carb & a slow releasing carb- more energy over time to fuel workouts) 

4)- Sweet Potatoes (same as #3) 

5)- Nuts (peanuts, almonds etc.) (healthy fat and high calorie)

6)- Oats (high calorie carb)

7)- Salmon (high protein & high calorie- only drawback is that it can be expensive) 

8)- Avocados (good source of fat)

9)- Whole Grain Bread (high calorie carb)

10)- Eggs (great protein source to have in the morning)

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