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2 Drills To Improve Contested Catches

2 drills to get better at contested catches are the following; Have someone stand by you and just play regular catch but have the person who is standing with behind you or next to you hold a pool noodle, blocking off or something on the softer side like that. Everytime you catch the ball have them hit you with that object so you get used to contact on a catch. The second drill you can do is have someone stand next you you and pull your arms or try to rip through your arms as you catch. You need a partner for these drills. He can stand behind or to the side or just anywhere near where you’re at, and when the ball hits your hands he should try to rip your arms to cause a drop. These are two ways to improve your contested catch ability. If you guys want to improve your overall grip strength, hand eye coordination, and overall hands check out the link below for a full 30 day catching program. If you don’t have a QB this is PERFECT FOR YOU. No QB necessary. If you have someone to throw to you, we offer alternative options as well, click below! ⬇️

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