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2 KEY Factors Of Arm Strength

The mechanics of arm strength are the following: ground force and torque. If you can do those two things, your arm will get stronger. Ground force comes from pushing off the inside arch of your back foot. Not your back foot, the inside arch. Now you can’t do that if your base isn’t wide(but not too wide). Your feet should be just outside your shoulders. That forces your front foot to come down fast and then that starts your hip drive, commonly known as torque or rotational force. This is kept by rotating your hips and keeping your front arm tight/closed. If you swing open your front arm you lose all of your torque and throw this thing with more arm. Your legs, hips and core are the main body parts used for arm strength. Now just throwing over and over again will help but there will always be a limit on how strong your arm can get. So you need to develop those muscles in the weight room, below are 25 exercises to do just that. 👇🏻👇🏻

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