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2 QB Accuracy Tips

2 Tips To Be More Accurate are the following: the first thing I want to discuss is the QBs front arm. Your front arm plays a vital part in your release point. If you swing your front arm too far out and around you, you will leave your follow through to the inside. Your body is split down a midline so whatever the front arm does the back arm will do similar but opposite. Also another problem I see that QBs have is that they like to swing their front elbow down, this causes an overly high release and this is why many QBs tend to miss high and low because they come down on the throw rather than rotate through the throw. You want to keep your front hand somewhere by your face or front collar bone and your shoulders should remain square. The second thing I want to mention is your wrist flick. If your mechanics  are clean your wrist flick will be the main key to an accurate ball.  You want to emphasize the flick as if you are throwing at a dart board. Trust your hands and have confidence in your release and you will be more accurate. If you want some more tips on accuracy, mechanics, arm strength and anything QB related click the link below! ⬇️⬇️

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