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2 QB Footwork Tips

2 Tips to improve your footwork as a QB are the following: you need to be able to navigate in the pocket with a wide base and you CANNOT KICK STEP. When you are moving in the pocket I think your base is the most essential thing to have. If you can keep your base while you step up, step back, move laterally or even off platform, you will be a more efficient passer. This is because your foot strike will be relatively the same. Once you get narrow or stand tall (you don’t want to be too low either) and you try to drive off your back leg your foot strike will be longer which disrupts the sequence of the throw. You want the same foot strike. Navigate in the pocket with your base. Now, you would be unable to do this if you kick step when you move lateral. A kick step is when you kick with your back or front leg first and split your base. That’s extremely inefficient because nobody wants to throw with a split base. In the pocket you should be almost gliding. Maintaining your base and moving both feet at the same time. Don’t worry about which foot goes first, worry about being efficient and getting the ball out of your hands with as little wasted motion as possible. If you want more tips on footwork and just overall QB mechanics in general, click the link below to learn how to access our full QB manual with more tips that go into way more detail about the QB position ⬇️⬇️

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