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2 Things WRs Can Do In The Gym

2 Things WRs can work on in the gym are the following: power cleans and box jumps. Let me explain. The reason I feel power cleans are important is because it’s all about explosion and power. Those two things are directly tied into route running. At the top of the route it’s about how violent you can drop your hips and how violent you can cut. That comes down to explosion from your hips. That’s exactly what you do with power cleans. Box jumps are important because plyometrics help with speed, speed is foundational to be a WR, if you’re not the best route runner you better be the fastest on the team. Plyometrics help with explosion as well, which translates directly to speed at the receiver position. If you want access to a full workout plan I put my receivers on for their speed and power check out the link below ⬇️⬇️

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