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2 Tips For Over The Shoulder Catches

2 things you can do to improve your catching over the shoulder are the following, make sure your hands are late and you are catching with your eyes first. When you have a guy trailing you and he’s on your back hip, you don’t want to show your hands too early. If you show your hands too early the DB will be able to make a play on them. Especially in man coverage he is taught to play you not the ball or the QB. So you want to show your hands as late as possible over the top so he doesn’t make a play on your hands and know when the ball is coming. Secondly your eyes need to follow the ball, if they don’t follow the ball into the catch you will drop it often. Get consistent with your eyes and you will be consistent over the shoulder. If you want a full month long catching program to improve your hands in 30 days click the link below! We give you specific hand eye coordination drills, grip strength exercises and even more. Click below ⬇️⬇️

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