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2 Tips For Shorter QBs

2 Tips for shorter QBs are the following: you need to understand windows in the pocket and you need to have above average arm strength. When I say windows I mean throwing lanes, let’s face it, us shorter guys will not be able to see over any linemen when it comes to passing downfield. We have to play in the pocket differently then everyone else. So being able to navigate back there to find throwing lanes is so important to our game and being successful. Now, the reason why I say above average arm strength is because you need to be able to make all the throws on the field to stand out. If you have a weak arm you’re going to have a tough time drifting left in the pocket to make a throw back on the right side, which is something you have to be able to do. Also the throws downfield will be hard to make when you have to move off platform. Your arm strength comes from your legs, core and mechanics. If you develop your legs and core in the weight room your arm will naturally get stronger because that’s where you produce ground force and rotational force. Which leads to power. If you want a full 4 week workout plan to improve your arm strength with specific exercises, sets and rest periods, click the link below! ⬇️⬇️

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