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2 Tips For Smaller WRs vs. Bigger DBs

How smaller WRs can beat a much bigger DB is by doing 2 things in my eyes. Obviously you can’t avoid contact but you can make contact come to you or stay out of its way. That’s what we call range. When you come off the line, and you can stay in a range where the DB has to make a decision, your chances go up of getting separation. When a DB is pressed and you know he will be physical, use that against him. Use a hesitation release or a slide release or a slight step back release to avoid the hard jam. If you use a slide release or a quick hesitation to the outside and the DB either has to shuffle with you or come at you, you can execute your plan. Executing your plan is the best thing you can do when facing a bigger DB and that is my second point. Executing your plan comes from knowing what the DB is going to do before he does it. Understanding the technique he wants to play and how he’s going to use that technique. That comes from having a high WR IQ. If you can stay out of striking range, execute your plan and a have a high WR IQ, you will get off of press much easier than before. If you want to set up a Zoom Call with me and get a free WR Dictionary with all of the WR terms/DB tendencies and techniques you need to know, click the link below for a deal that will expire this weekend! Set up a Zoom Call and get our WR dictionary free of charge ⬇️⬇️

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