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2 Tips To Be More Explosive Off The Line

2 tips to be more explosive off of the line are the following: you need to work explosive release drills with some resistance and focus on exploding off your front leg. If you work regular release drills for either your slide release, double move, single jab, triple step etc. with some resistance you will become a more explosive player off the line. There are many things you can do just add resistance. Whether it is a resistance band, doing the drills in sand or doing them maybe up a hill, they can all add to your explosiveness. Now in your stance you want to be 70% on your front leg, that is so you can explode off the line properly, you want to push off of that front leg and that’s what propels you off the line in most cases. If you want some more tips and the proper technique behind all WR play, check out the link below to get our WR manual on how to play the position with the correct technique. Click below! ⬇️⬇️

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