2 Tips To Get Separation Off The Line

2 things WRs can do off the line to help them get separation are the following, if you can understand how to react off a DB and execute a plan you will be unbeatable off the line. When you come up to the line against press coverage make sure you have a plan, if you have a plan know what you need to do to execute the plan. Now what if the DB just plays it correctly? You gotta be able to react off of the DB to make something happen. If you want to set a DB up inside so you can go back outside and he jumps outside, just take the inside release, you gotta be able to react. That’s how you can get real creative off the line and even beat physical DBs. Releases are about reacting. Now, if you want more tips on how you can beat any DB off the line and create separation, click the link below! ⬇️



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