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2 Tips To Improve Your Press Releases

2 WR press release tips are the following, make sure you keep timing with the QB on your release and accelerate off the release. When I say keep timing with your QB I mean don’t make too many moves and don’t take too long with your tempo. Know the situation. If it’s a situation where the QB is going to be blitzed you need to probably chose a quicker release and when there is a situation where you are the first read on the play you need to chose a quicker release. Don’t just run any release and think it will work in every situation. Secondly, nothing bothers me more when a WR has a great release gets some separation and then loses that separation because they don’t burst off of their move. That’s something you need to do. You have to accelerate off the line and off of your release to widen the gap with the DB. If you want to learn more press release tips and overall route running tips click the link below! ⬇️⬇️