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2 Ways To Get A Quicker Release

2 tips for QBs to get a faster release are widening their base and rotating more with their hips. So many QBs stand too narrow. Their feet are super close together and that causes a long stride if you push off of the back leg. I’m not saying to almost do the splits with your base but the inside of your feet should be just outside of your shoulders. So when you push off the back leg the front foot can get down fast. Your base allows the stride to already be there. It doesn’t necessarily make your arm quicker but it makes the process start faster which brings me to my next point. THE HIPS. If you can rotate your hips almost simultaneously as the back leg push, then your release will be quicker. It will force the football to come through and you won’t have this long delayed, or paused motion. You will be able to just rip right through the throw. If you want more tips on how you can improve your release time, mechanics and overall ability at QB, click the link below for a full 15 page E-Book (11 pt font) on everything QB! ⬇️⬇️⬇️

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