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2 Ways To Stop Dropping The Ball

While you are staying at home, it is not an excuse to let your game decrease. You need to be doing everything physically possible to improve yourself. Now from a receiver perspective, a lot of people think that the only way they can improve their hands is by someone throwing them the ball. Not true. There are many things you can do, if you have tennis ball and a wall, that’s all you need to work your tracking. Knock out 50 reps on each hand bouncing the ball off the wall, focus on looking the ball all the way in. That’s something you can do everyday. Grip strength is also an essential to improving your hands. One exercise you can do is fingertip push ups, if you can’t do that, go on your knees and do knee push ups on your finger tips. Too many people have too many excuses as to why they can’t get better. If you want more advanced exercises to improve your hands, click the link below to get the info on a 3 week workout plan to improve your hands 👇🏻

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