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2 WR Catching Drills Over The Shoulder

The first drill you can do is have a QB stand behind you and you are going to have your back to him. While running your hands in place you are going to look over your left shoulder and he is going to throw the ball over your opposite shoulder (your right). When the ball leaves his hands you are going to snap your head around and find the ball. This is a wrong shoulder catching drill which will help your tracking ability over the shoulder. And then switch sides and do the same thing.

The second drill is one you can do when you don’t have a QB. Stand with your back to a wall and bounce tennis balls over your head. Bounce over your head and catch about 40 in the left and 40 in the right. This works on the same thing as the above drill, tracking the ball and hand eye coordination. 

If you don’t have a QB to throw you the ball, check out this program below where we give you 30 days of workouts designed to improve your hands. No QB necessary. This will improve your grip strength, hand eye coordination and overall ability. Click below! ⬇️

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