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3 At Home Speed Tips

3 tips you guys can do to get faster at home when you don’t have access to weights are the following: you need to be doing plyometrics, explosive movements and you need to get out and run some sprints if able with some kind of resistance. If you have a porch or anything you can jump on maybe even a chair, you should be doing single leg jumps and regular box jumps. This will help your explosion which translates to speed. Secondly, explosive movements like burpees are great for athletes trying to improve their speed from home. Again, it’s all about activating your fast twitch muscle fibers so that translates to the field when you have to explode and make a big play. Lastly I would highly suggest investing in a parachute, sled or some kind of weighted vest for sprint work. Resistance work is some of the best work you can do when you need to improve your speed. If you want info on a full 28 day workout plan with body weight exercises you can do to get faster, click the link below! ⬇️⬇️

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