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3 BEST Exercises WRs Can Do For Speed

The first exercise WRs can do to help them get explosion and speed is jump squats. Jump squats are great because it builds power/explosion in the legs and it also works on your fast twitch muscle fibers. You squat to about a parallel position (which is the position you make your breaks at) and explode up. This will improve your speed off the ball, at the top of the route and speed in general.

If you want an 8 week WR gym training schedule with all of the exercises to get WRs faster, stronger, more explosive and to improve their grip strength... click here ⬇️⬇️ Speed is all about fast twitch muscle fibers and developing them correctly. A great exercise WRs need to do is Box Jumps. Box jumps are great for WRs because it really forces you to exert force from the ground to activate those fast twitch fibers. I 100% recommend adding those to your routine!

Last but not least, power cleans are great for WRs. Power is literally in the name of the exercise and when it comes to explosion off the line, you need to be able to generate power. Make sure you are doing this exercise in the 5-8 rep range. Emphasize your explosion.


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