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3 BEST WR Grip Exercises

Grip strength is important for WRs because it can directly improve your hands. Often times WRs struggle catching fast throws, catches in traffic etc. and all that can be improved by yourself by doing these exercises.

1)- The number one grip strengthening exercise I recommend, for guys at any age, is finger tip push ups. Now if you have a weak grip I suggest doing these types of push ups on your knees first. This can help you build a strong grip quickly by doing this exercises.

2)- My second favorite grip exercise is farmers carry. This is a super simple exercise. You simply just hold two dumbbells and walk with them. This will strengthen your grip also in a quick amount of time.

Farmers carry is great to add to your daily gym routine. If you guys would like a 90-day gym routine SPECIFICALLY FOR WRs with all exercises to improve speed, explosiveness, balance & power checkout the link below! ⬇️⬇️

3)- My third favorite grip exercise is plate flips. I think if you can get a weighted plate in the gym that is light enough, what you do is flip the plate one handed, end over end. Then you try to grab the opposite end of the plate before it hits the ground. This helps grip strength in the act of catching. This directly translates to catching a football. If you can add these three exercises to your workouts you will become a much more consistent pass catcher.

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