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3 BEST WR Gym Lifts

My favorite exercise for WRs is power cleans. Power cleans is great because it emphasizes everything WRs need for performance. It helps with explosion, fast twitch muscle fibers, leg strength, core strength and power. As a WR we always need to be twitchy and explosive on the field. The exercises we do in the gym need to replicate that. If you guys want a 12 Week WR GYM SCHEDULE with over 300 WR gym exercises made into daily workout splits, checkout the link below! ⬇️⬇️

The second best lift for WRs is squats. As a WR you need flexibility at your hips, core strength and a strong lower body to absorb force when making cuts. A lot of WRs are so stiff at the hips that they can’t even do a squat. So mastering squats even at a light weight will help you with your route running. Squats should be in your workout routine AT LEAST twice a week.

And last but not least the 3rd best WR gym lift is split squats. Most of the time WR is played off of 1 leg. So when you make a cut at the top of the route or a release off the line, you are breaking/cutting off of that one leg. So if you can build stability and strength with 1-legged exercises you will be much better on the field. Split squats are when you put one leg on a bench and you hold two dumbbells at your sides and squat down on the 1 leg that is grounded. Emphasize your toe not going over your knee. This also builds hip flexibility. If you can master these exercises and performance many exercises similar, you will see your game on the field start to change


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