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3 BEST WR Gym Lifts

As a WR you need to be lifting in the gym to build speed, explosion and performance. Obviously if you have to gain weight that is one thing, but you cannot neglect these three exercises to help your on field play.

Exercise 1) Power Cleans - this is a great way to develop your fast twitch muscle fibers in your body. Fast twitch muscle fibers are the fibers you use when playing football. They correlate to all out effort movements. So making a block, running a route etc. slow twitch fibers are activated when playing a sport like soccer with constant sustained movement. All your gym lifts should focus on fast twitch fibers as a WR.

Exercise 2) Jump Squats- This is a great exercise to work your leg strength and hip drive which will help at the top of the route and also will help your fast twitch fibers improve

If you guys would a like an 8 week workout schedule for WRs to follow in the gym, checkout the link below! We give you the exact exercises, sets, reps and rest periods you should be doing with examples of each exercise! Check it out here ⬇️⬇️

Exercise 3) The last exercise I want to cover

is farmers carry- farmers carry is when you take two dumbbells, two kettlebells, two weighted plates etc and walk with them. This builds grip strength. Grip strength is essential for WRs because it helps with your catching ability.

If you add these exercises to your routine you will see your performance increase.

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