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3 BEST WR Upper Body Lifts

1)- The first upper body lift WRs should be doing is pull ups. Pull ups are a great exercise to not only build up your back but they will also help with grip strength. So you are working on your catching ability and overall strength with this specific exercise. Every gym exercise you do should translate to the field

2)- The second upper body exercise you should do is push jerk. That is essentially a barbell overhead press but you can jump and almost snatch the weight over your head. Look up “clean and jerk” lifts on youtube and you can find an example of this exercise if you need some guidance. This will help with overall explosiveness and will help you get a quicker twitch in your upper body. Which helps with hand fighting, blocking and shedding defenders

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3)- And last but not least you should be doing band resistance pull ups or plate push ups. This helps you develop fast twitch fibers in yo use upper body which translate to speed and explosion on the field. Wrap a band around your back or put a weighted plate on your back and emphasize exploding up as fast as you can.

If you guys would also like a 90 Day WR gym workout schedule with all the specific workouts you should do with sets/reps , checkout the link below!

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