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3 Biggest Mistakes WRs Make

3 Biggest Mistakes WRs make are the following: 1) they do not sell vertical all the way. So many WRs think they are selling fade when in fact they are not. Selling fade comes down to two things, speed and body language. If you are standing up in the air or rising up your chest right before the break you are not in fact selling fade. If you start to slow down right before your break you are not selling fade. The goal is to make the DB turn his hips and run with you. He will not do that completely if you don’t have great body language and great speed into the break. 2) Beating the Drum. So many receivers are taught wrong, they are taught to beat the drum and have fast hands/fast feet into the break. You want to drop your hips violently and be explosive into your break. If you do not do that you are wasting time at the top of the route and the only way you can decelerate from selling fade is by dropping your hips into a low and explosive position. If you stand tall and try to chop your feet you will drift away from the route. Make sure you are violent into your breaks with your hips. 3) Receivers don’t like to accelerate out of their breaks. So many guys just cruise out of their routes when they get any kind of separation because they feel they won the play already. You need to pump your arms and run out of the break so you can win that race to the ball. The QB is putting it at a specific place so you need to make sure you run to that spot and almost race the DB there after you have sold fade and created energy with your breaks. There are a countless number of mistakes WRs make which is what makes them lose, if you want to see me Breakdown film of WRs vs DBs and all of the mistakes WRs make which make them lose reps, click the link below! It is a 40 minute video where I breakdown what WRs could have done better, why their routes didn’t work and what they should’ve done in that situation. We take a look at professionals all the way down to the high school level, click below to get info about gaining access! ⬇️⬇️

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