3 Common QB Mistakes

3 common mistakes QBs make are the following: they don’t move in the pocket correctly, they don’t know how to go through progressions and their mechanics are flawed in their back stoke. When I say moving in the pocket, that can be a very vague term to some. I think pocket movement is not a black and white thing like many coaches try to teach it as. Its a very random situation and that’s how you have to treat it. You are gliding back there, make sure your feet are on time and you are accurate with your throws. That’s honestly it. Be on time, be consistent and be efficient. Now secondly guys who struggle to make progressions don’t know where to look. They don’t understand defensive concepts and how to read defenses combined with their playbook. If you need help on that feel free to message me on any social platform. Lastly, QBs like to lift the ball strait to 90. Someone probably taught them this and that is a bad habit to get into. If you lift to 90 and spread your chest, you have an improper sequence. Your shoulders will come through before your hips and that causes a loss of torque and power. Make sure the sequence is your front stride, hips, shoulders then the ball for maximum efficiency. If you want a full book on QB mechanics and how you can throw the ball better, click the link below! ⬇️⬇️


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