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3 Common WR Mistakes

3 common WR mistakes are the following: don’t do realistic drills, don’t sell fade, and focus too much on steps at the top of the route rather than speed. Make sure the drills you are doing in the off season are realistic. Don’t be out there just to get some work in, be out there to actually improve. Don’t put so much effort into useless cone obstacle courses. The drills you do have to mimic the game. Secondly, on your routes you need to be selling vertical, if you don’t sell a fade on everything, you’re going to be predictable. If you are predictable you won’t get any separation. Sell vertical first then you can work about changing tempo. Lastly, too many receivers worry about steps at the top of the route rather than speed and explosion and cutting out time. Don’t slow down to get 3 steps, you still slowed down and you’re taking way to long at the top of the route. Run into the break and create some energy with your hips and be violent. If you take 5 steps so what? You got out of there faster than someone who took 3 and who slowed down and you generated more explosion. If you want to learn what it takes to be a great route runner, click the link below! ⬇️⬇️

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