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3 Essential Tips For WRs

Three things that WRs need to get better at is the following: selling fade on their routes. I think selling vertical is so important for any route that you run. If you don’t make the DB believe fade even if it’s only for 3 steps you are running a lazy route. Obviously there are times where you change up tempo but for the most part make that DB believe fade. Secondly you guys need to create energy at the top of the route. Whether you are running a speed cut or dropping your hips into a break you need to create energy. So the suddenness of your break and the violence of your hips creates that energy that you need. The best route runners create explosion on their breaks and use that explosion to accelerate them out of routes. Lastly receivers need to be able to finish the play. All NFL receivers have automatic hands when they are in open space but it’s the tough catches that you need to be able to make. Improving your grip strength and hand eye coordination help with that tremendously. If you want specific exercises that help your grip strength and hand eye coordination with specific sets and reps to do those exercises checkout our 30 day catching program below! ⬇️

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