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3 Exercises WRs Need To Do In The Gym

The first exercise WRs need to do is jump squats. The reason why jump squats are important is because it works on every aspect of the lower half a WR needs. It works on glute/hamstring strength which helps with cutting, hip flexibility/strength which helps with dropping into cuts, hip explosion which helps you drop more violently and jump squats activate fast twitch muscle fibers which help with everything a WR does. WR is not a slow twitch position, everything you do needs to be explosive and this is a great tool to emphasize that. This is an exercise I highly recommend WRs add to their routine!

If you want a 4 week ON FIELD WR WORKOUT SCHEDULE, checkout the link below!

The second exercise I believe WRs need to do is farmers carry. If you are not familiar with farmers carry, it is when you pick up two dumbbells (fairly heavy) or two plates and walk a specific distance carrying them. This helps with core stability which allows you to make breaks/releases a lot easier but it’s mainly for grip strength, and grip strength will help you catch any ball thrown your way much easier. I highly recommend adding these to your routine as well.

Last but not least, I recommend that WRs should do pistol squats. Now if you aren’t familiar with this exercise, it is when you do a squat on 1 leg. So obviously most people can’t go to the floor with this, so use a bench and sit back onto a bench on 1 leg. Almost like a box squat. Most of the time WR is played off of 1 leg. What I mean by that is usually you don’t have 2 feet in the ground at 1 time other than your stance. When you make a speed cut it’s off of 1 leg, when you snap down its off of 1 leg and when you run you are constantly on 1 leg. Playing WR requires a lot of balance and stability. This is a great exercise to build just that!


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