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3 Fade Route Releases

When you are running a fade it’s important to know the situation, if you don’t know what read you are, if the QB is getting pressure or what kind of play type it is, then you are not prepared off of the line. If it’s a quick game situation, maybe like a fade/out concept you need to go with something quick off of the line. Maybe a quick double up release or a wide step release. Those are the two that I like based off of the corners leverage. If it is a 4 vert concept, which is a longer developing play, something a little bit longer will be ok to use. Maybe a little hesitation release, or a slide double up release. Those are the two I work with my receivers most frequently. But if you come up to the line and look at the defenders in the box and see they are stacking the box, you want to go with something quicker. That means that the QB is getting pressure and you need to get off the line quickly. It’s all about knowing the situation. Lastly, receivers need to understand that when a DB is in off man or soft press and he’s giving you space to work, you need to attack him. No matter what read you are, against a good DB, running around him will not work. You want to attack his midline to get him to stop his feet or get him to back pedal out of his stance. Then you put your move on. It’s all about having a plan off the line and being prepared for these different scenarios we just discussed. If you want access to a 45 minute video all about 20 DIFFERENT press releases and how you can use them, when you can use them, and specific drills to work on them, click the link below! ⬇️⬇️

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