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3 Keys To A Quicker Throwing Motion

A faster release is mainly accomplished by one thing, getting a faster front stride. How you can do that is by widening out your base. If you widen your base and drive off the inside arch of your back leg your front foot will hit the ground much faster which causes your arm to move faster because you can’t make a throw without your front foot in the ground

The second key to a quick release is having quick hips and have your hips rotate. A lot of guys don’t rotate their back hip through the throw, they extend the back leg and leave their hip. You want your hips to rotate through before the ball. This creates torque and will help the ball get out of your hands faster.

Lastly, tying your feet to your eyes is a big part of getting the ball out fast when it comes to progressions. Wherever your eyes go, your feet follow so you are in a great position and a fast position to get the ball out of your hands at anytime. Hit the back foot and the ball cones out

If you want me to take a look at your throwing mechanics, to make sure you are doing these things right, sign up on my website below. You can submit your film to a private email address where I will provide a breakdown of your throwing mechanics

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