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3 Keys To Great QB Play

3 Keys To Great QB Play are the following: you need to be able to stay calm under pressure and make the game slow down, need to be able to extend plays and be a passer first, and throwing mechanics. If you can be calm in chaotic situations, you are prepared to play QB. A lot of guys who want to play QB simply can’t because they panic and that is never good. How you can get yourself to relax and have the game slow down is by focusing on doing your job and taking it one play at a time. Don’t think about anything else but doing your 1/11th. Probably the most beneficial advice I received in my playing career was just that. Now when it comes to extending plays the main key is being a passer first. That’s why you work footwork drills and escape drills from the pocket. Too many guys just want to take off and run when you feel pressure. You need to be calm and always have your eyes downfield to extend the play and make game changing plays the defense can’t prepare for. Lastly, consistency is key for all QBs. The best way to be consistent is through your mechanics. That’s why no QB should neglect mechanics. Throwing mechanics is what will get you out of bad situations. If you want a complete guide to throwing mechanics and how the QB position should be played, click the link below! ⬇️

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