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3 Keys To Route Running

The first key to great route running is having great pad level. Being in an explosive pad level (not leaning back and exposing your numbers) doesn’t give an indicator to the DB. It forces him to play disciplined and it doesn’t give him any tells. The second key to route running is having sudden feet, when you make a break your feet need to be powerful and sudden. We don’t want to telegraph any moves that we make. The last key to route running is being able to have great body control. This ties into everything I just talked about. You can’t make cuts without body control or at least make explosive cuts. You need to have loose hips, a strong core, and the ability to drop your hips an explode on a dime. If you want me to look at your route running to see if you have these 3 things, CLICK BELOW 👇🏻👇🏻

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