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Below we will be discussing 3 of the best lifts that QBs can do in the gym to increase their arm strength. Arm strength doesn’t come from your arm. It comes from your legs, hips, core and agility to explode from your lower half. I hope this can help! 

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Exercise 1)- Barbell Back Squats. 

Nothing will help you generate more power and a stronger base in the pocket than back squats. This builds strength in the exact same position you need to be in while standing in the pocket. 

Exercise 2)- Russian Twists. 

QBs generating throw power is all about turning ground force AKA weight transfer (from having a good base) into rotation force AKA Torque. Russian twists help build strength in your trunk (upper body/spine) and helps your core obviously get stronger on rotational movements. This is why it’s a great exercise for QBs. 

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Exercise 3)-Med Ball Rotation Slams- stand next to a wall with your front shoulder facing the target- turn away and rotate then throw up against the wall.

Throwing is an all out effort movement. You need to exert maximum force when throwing deep. So exercises like this in the gym that activate fast twitch muscle fibers are great for QBs. Especially when it involves rotating. 

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