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3 Muscle Groups QBs Should Work

The main 3 muscle groups QBs should work are legs, core, and shoulders. They are the most important because that what makes you an effective thrower and can put more velocity and distance on the ball. Shoulders shouldn’t be trained for mass. They should be trained for mobility and flexibility because we still want to have range of motion in our throw. Now these muscle groups aren’t the only thing you should train. You need to be well rounded, but these are the most important. Legs are important because that ties directly to ground force and having a strong base in the pocket. Core strength is important because that helps with posture in the pocket and the ability to produce rotational force. If you train these things, your performance will become better on the field. If you want access to a 28 Day Workout Plan for these specific muscle groups, click the link below 👇🏻

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