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3 QB Footwork Tips

3 QB Footwork Tips are the following: 1) You need to move with both feet in the pocket at the same time. I get the question “what foot should move first” a lot and there is not a perfect answer. It’s both. Both of your feet need to be active because that maintains your base in the pocket. If you kick step or split your base with either foot, it takes an extra step or two to get the ball out of your hands and your base becomes narrow which causes inaccuracies. 2) You want to be lighter on your front foot. Everyone says 60/40 base, which is true. But why? If you’re light on the front foot you can get the ball out of your hands quicker and it makes off platform throws much easier. When you have more weight on the back leg it helps you drive but you do need some on your front leg. 3) When you Hitch to a throw, don’t go one foot after the other. Pretend there is a something in between your legs connected from knee to knee and it’s forcing you to keep your base wide. When you hitch, same principles apply, Hitch both feet at the same time and get the front foot down fast. Now why is footwork so important? It’s important because if you don’t have good footwork your upper half mechanics are effected. If you want me to take a look at your throwing mechanics become a member below! I can break down your film just like how I break down NFL QBs film. ⬇️⬇️

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