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3 QB Throwing Mechanics Tips

The first thing QBs should be focused on is their stride length. How fast can you get your front foot down? That’s the foundation of your motion. That activates your hips and makes your release quicker

The 2nd Thing QBs should think about is their base and posture. Your base needs to be just outside your shoulders, don’t stand narrow, and sit your butt down. Your posture should be vertical from your waist up. This will make you a more consistent and balanced passer Your stroke. You can’t lift the ball. That creates a kick back motion. Get to the opposite L or there abouts angle first. Lifting the ball is bad mechanics. Look at any NFL QB who is an elite passer, they all have a back stroke, they don’t lift the ball. All their motions are different but nobody lifts straight to 90. Your hips take you to 90. If you want me to take a look at your throwing mechanics, click the link below! 👇🏻

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