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3 QB Throwing Motion Tips

3 tips for QBs to tighten up their throwing motion is the following, 1) make sure your hips come through first. A lot of people don’t have the correct sequence with their throws. They will have their shoulder come through before their hips due to either an improper back stroke such as lifting straight to 90 or a long stride so your front doesn’t hit the ground until your at 90 in your motion which will cause the same effect. Get your front foot in the ground as you are in your back stroke, let your hip drive get you to 90 so your hips can come through before the ball. Second, you should be relaxed with your ball placement. Don’t be super tense with your traps and with your shoulders. You should be relaxed so all the force you want to produce can be produced from your legs and hips. And last but certainly not least, try to keep your head level. A lot of guys like to lean out of the throw or dip their front elbow down to their hip, this causes their release to be pushed very high and they end up coming down on the ball. Make sure your elbow stays above your hip and your head stays level so you can have a clean release point. Your release won’t get pushed outside of your frame. If you want me to look at your throwing mechanics with you, click the link below ⬇️ We can set up a zoom call and with this deal on my website  that will last until Sunday of this week, you can get our QB throwing manual for mechanics almost FREE. Click the link below to set up a call and get our QB bundle deal. ⬇️⬇️

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