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3 Things All WRs Must Do

WRs need to be able to do the following things if they want to be successful and take their game to the next level. They need to understand timing more importantly than anything. Don’t be working triple move releases when you are the first read on the play. If you are the last read or a back side option that’s when you want to work the longer releases but more often than not, you need to get off the line quick. Secondly receivers need to understand the technique behind each move they make. Don’t just run a route for the sake of running it. The routes should be strategic and every move has a reason behind it. Each move can set up another route you run so that is how you have to think. Lastly receivers have to be automatic with their hands. If you aren’t a consistent pass catcher, Goodluck getting the ball from your QB often. A lot of guys struggle to improve their hands because they do not have anyone to throw to them consistently. If you want a 30 day hands program to improve your catching ability that DOES NOT REQUIRE A QB, click the link below! ⬇️⬇️

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