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3 Things College Coaches Look For In WRs…

1)- Speed and size. Unfortunately this can matter to some college coaches but it is not the sole thing of importance. You can make up for a lack of speed or size by doing the other 2 things we mention on this list. But speed is so important for WRs. In college you will be going up against fast & physical DBs every snap- so having some speed to you will only help you compete at the next level and have a lot of success at the high school level so you can stand out. Now size you cant really control. You are either small, average, or tall. Nothing you can do. But speed you can control somewhat. In the off season you should emphasize speed training heavily. Doing work in the gym, on the field, stretching etc. This can only help you, do not neglect it.

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2)- Route running. In today’s game- you are starting to see the way people view the WR position change. Offenses are moving to a more air raid/spread system that will throw the ball at least 30 times per game. So that means colleges need guys who can create separation. If you can showcase your ability to run explosive routes, beat press, get yards after the catch etc. you will be so appealing to a college coach in that style of offense.

3)- And last but not least, football IQ. To make big plays on film (which is how you get recruited) you need receptions. You get receptions by getting open and beating man coverage but also knowing where to sit and where to be in zone coverages- which is what most high school WRs see. So you need a knowledge of your playbook and defenses to be successful. Especially if you are under sized or not the fastest. Why do you think ex QBs make such good WRs? Because they think like a QB and they know where a QB wants them to be. So make sure you are watching a ton of film and almost know the defense better than you know your own offense.

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