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3 Things Colleges Look For In WRs

You need to have speed to play the WR position at the next level. It is no longer high school where everyone is a similar athlete, everyone at the next level was the fastest or top 5 fastest on their high school team. So you need to have elite level speed to play at an elite level of football. Now speed is something that a college can definitely help you with but you already having speed will only help your recruitment.

If you guys would like a 3 Month workout schedule for WRs that can improve your speed, explosiveness, strength, ankle stability and knee stability in the gym… checkout the link below! ⬇️⬇️ The second thing that colleges will look for in a WR is big play capability. Can you showcase big plays on film? If not, you’re not a recruitable guy. A college coach doesn’t want to sit there and watch your highlight tape for 10 minutes of you just catching slants and hitches. He wants to say you make YAC and he wants to see you take a 3 step slant 80yds for a TD. That’s what a college coach wants to see. There are a million WRs who can catch a hitch across the country. They don’t want to see that.

And last but not least they want to see your hands! Not the routine catches but they want to see you make the hard catches. They want you to go up for a 50/50 ball and they want to see you come down with a ball in traffic. That’s a play that will stand out and get you noticed. You should take pride in not dropping anything that touches your hands.

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