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3 Things EVERY QB Needs To Do

Stand tall in the pocket with a good base. When I say tall, don’t get it twisted. I mean tall from your waist up. Your legs need to have a slight bend in your knees and you need to have your base in a wide (but not too wide, just outside your shoulders) position which creates balance. Stand tall with your chest up. Maintain great posture but keep a good base

Have a short front stride. This makes your release quicker and gives you more power on the ball. But how can you do this. That’s where your wide base comes in. If your feet are super close together in the pocket, you will develop a long stride because you are pushing off the back leg. That’s not what we want. We want to push off the inside arch of our back leg but have a wide base so that front leg catches us and then we can create a lot of force turned into rotational force, which makes us more consistent and have better velocity. EYES DOWNFIELD ALWAYS. Anytime a QB feels pressure and his eyes drop, that’s when he gets into trouble. He will lose sight of everything downfield. You feel pressure in the pocket, you navigate accordingly but don’t drop your eyes. If you have to escape the pocket and reverse out, your eyes are the first thing that shoots up. If you take a sack because your eyes are downfield and you don’t feel pressure don’t worry, it’s a pocket movement issue. Your eyes are in the right spot. It just takes reps to develop a 6th sense in the pocket. 

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