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 Physical off the line of scrimmage; attack the back of the defenders forearms, elbows or shoulder. Those are the points of control. If you sit there slapping hands with the DB you won’t get separation. Don’t avoid contact either. Stay out of the DBs range on a hesitation release but when it’s bump and run don’t avoid.

Everything is a fade... until it’s not. You need to go full speed on everything you do. From a hitch to a bang 8 post. You should never “show your numbers” because you are slowing down. That’s an indicator to the defense and that’s how they make a play on the ball and beat you to the ball. Accelerate out of the break. Anybody can be explosive at the top of the route. If you have great balance and explode but stand up tall and don’t pump your arms and run out of the break, you will be slow and the DB will beat you to the ball. You need to get in and out of the break as fast as possible and then run at the top of the break. You are always running in your routes. The second you slow down is the second the ball is incomplete. 

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