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3 Things WRs NEED To Show On Film

Your highlight tape is what gets you recruited. Yes it helps to know people and yes camps can help but at the end of the day it comes down to being able to play ball or not. The film doesn’t lie. If you don’t have skills it will show on film, if you do have skills it will show on film. So make sure you include these things to better your chances of catching a college coaches eye.

The first thing you want to include as a WR are big plays. So explosive plays to be more specific. Show that you can take a 5-10yd route to the house for 40+yds. Show that you can run a great route, catch the ball then break a few tackles. This is what college coaches want to see. Can you make BIG PLAYS?

The second thing you need to include on your highlight tape is hard catches. So if you are just putting regular catches on there over the middle where you get tackled for a gain of 10yds… that is NOT going to stand out. You need to put catches in traffic, jump balls, low catches, awkward catches etc. on there to showcase that you do not drop the ball. And that’s what a college coach wants to see.

Now obviously if you are someone who doesn’t have the best film or maybe the skills to do this, it doesn’t happen overnight. You need to be putting in the work daily to get 1% better so these things can show up on film. If you guys would like an 8 week workout schedule for WRs with over 500+ drills and gym workouts to build explosiveness, speed, route running and more checkout the link below ⬇️⬇️ And last but not least you need to show BLOCKING! Especially if you are at a school that does not pass a lot. Or maybe you are a younger kid who doesn’t get too many targets but can make plays… include blocking film. If you can show colleges you can block well, they will be at least interested. At the next level they expect you to block. So you need to show that on tape. If you can showcase multiple plays highlighting what we talked about today, you have a much better chance of receiving an offer.

We are coming to Tampa Florida, Houston Texas, Phoenix Arizona, Newark New Jersey, Atlanta Georgia, Dallas Texas, Chicago Illinois, Nashville Tennessee, & Los Angeles California. If you want more info check it out here! ⬇️

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