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3 Tips For Freshman WRs To Get Recruited

The main thing for freshman in high school to focus on is making varsity. Whether you play at a big school or a small school, a college coach does not care about anything but varsity film. It’s a popular thing nowadays to see a kid who is an 8th grader get an “offer”. Really it’s a fake offer, it’s a non committable offer. What that means is that it is a potential thing. Colleges “offer” the kid because he might be very good in a few years and they want to be the first ones on him. So when it comes time to make a decision the recruit thinks about the school because they “offered” him first. So don’t worry about other kids getting all of this recruiting attention. Stay in your lane. Your main focus is making varsity so you can get a good highlight tape to send out to schools. That will bring you real offers. Some of the things you need to work on are route running, press releases, catching, explosiveness, plays after the catch and more to add to your film to stand out! If you want a 4 week WR workout schedule for the gym and the field click below! We give you all of the specific workouts & drills broken down into sets/reps that you can do to take your game to the next level so you can impress a college coach on tape. Check it out here ⬇️⬇️

The second way freshman WRs can get recruited is by building relationships with coaches at camps. Without any film you will most likely not get an offer at a camp. You are just a number to them at first because they obviously do not know who you are. So at these camps you need to be focused on building relationships with coaches. Showcase to them you can run good routes, block, have a high football/route running IQ and more! If you can keep contact with them via Twitter, when you get film they should be your first contact. Build relationships at camps, don’t go to camps thinking you will get an offer without any varsity film. Camps are great to go to if you know what to expect.

Last but not least you need to get on Twitter. That’s where all college coaches reside. Instagram is not where they reside. On Twitter you need an account with your full name, class, position, height and weight and any notable attributes. (40 time if it’s a good time etc) This is a great place to communicate with coaches. You can DM them from this app and you can constantly upload clips of either game film or practice film just so coaches can see your work ethic. Twitter is where you can brand yourself as a recruitable athlete!

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