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3 Tips For Speed

3 Tips For Speed are the following:

The main thing about speed is technique before you can build from that. So first and foremost you need good technique. Proper arm swing and leg drive. Keep your arms at a 90 degree angle and let your shoulders swing your hands right past your pockets right back up to your cheek. Do not put your hands in a fist, keep them relaxed but firm. For your legs you should also keep them in a 90 degree angle, drive your knee up to almost your waist and keep your ankle flexed (dorsi flexion). Strike the ground with your toes and don’t let your legs swing behind you. Secondly the main key to improving your speed is explosion. You need to be able to improve your explosiveness which translates into game speed which is what we are all here for. And lastly, how you can improve your explosiveness is by doing any kind of resistance training, hills, bands etc. and doing the correct stuff in the weight room. If you want access to a full month long weight room plan designed to help you improve your speed, click the link below!

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