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3 Tips For WRs To Beat Stronger/Physical DBs

The first thing you can do as a WR to beat physical DBs who are stronger than you is have a plan. You can’t walk into a game and just start guessing. You need to go in there with a strategic plan as to how you will beat a defender. You need to know this through film study and know when to execute certain movements. You should know 10+ releases but only go into a game with 5 that can work for all the routes you will be running. Have one for every situation. Inside leverage, outside leverage, head up, catch technique etc. Studying the team you are playing on film can really narrow down this process and you can go into a game with a clear gameplan. If you want to learn 20 press releases & when to use each one/drills to work on each one click the link below! ⬇️⬇️ The second thing you can do to beat bigger guys off the line is understand that your feet set up the hand technique. A lot of guys will just sit there and try to get into a hand battle with DBs who are much stronger than them. You cannot do this, especially if they like to be physical. It’s like a boxer fighting an amateur fighter. You need to beat them with quickness. So use your feet to move a DB off his platform, and then when you move him you can work your hands. Just know that to take an inside release all you have to do is beat their inside hand and to take an outside release all you have to do is beat their outside hand. Their goal is to disrupt timing, and it is very hard to do that if they cannot get hands on you. Use any range you have off the line and move the DB off the platform.

And last but not least, you need a good pad level against bigger/physical guys. If you are standing strait up in the air and are almost leaning back, you will get jammed and completely re routed. You need to keep a good pad level at almost a 45 degree angle so if he does get hands on you, you won’t be completely screwed. A good way of thinking of it is you don’t want to show the DB your number. Keep your number down, obviously don’t be hunched over at your waist but stay shifted forward with your body weight. If you do these 3 things and learn multiple releases to use, you should have no problem with a stronger, bigger and physical DB.

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