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3 Tips For WRs To Get Off The Ball Faster

WRs who have a slow get off tend to have too wide of a stance. Their back leg is way outside their frame and that will cause a false step. The false step can screw up timing with your QB. A lot of guys don’t understand how a false step can be the difference between a 15yd route and a 10yd route. And that depth matters for spacing on a play and it matters because that’s where the QB expects you to be. So make sure that your back leg is somewhat under your frame, obviously you don’t want to stand narrow but be balanced and be in a spot to where you can shoot your back leg through off of the snap.

The second reason WRs have a slow get off is that they are just simply not explosive. As a WR your primary focus needs to be developing your fast twitch muscle fibers and explosiveness to generate force not only off the line but also at the top of the route. If you want 8 weeks of workouts specifically for WRs in the gym to get more explosive, click the link below! ⬇️ Lastly, WRs aren’t fast off the line because they do not have the correct weight distribution. WRs love to stand tall and then dip down at the snap of the ball to get off and drive. That is wasted movement, you want to already have weight on your front leg so as soon as you see that ball snapped you can burst out of your explosive stance. So try to have a slight lean forward in your pad level and try to get 70% of your weight to your front leg. This can also eliminate a false step like we talked about in the beginning. Make sure you have the proper stance, weight and work on your explosiveness to be a better WR off the line.

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