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3 Tips For WRs To Make More Explosive Cuts

The first thing WRs can do to make more explosive cuts is to train their knee and ankle stability/mobility. So this is something that is not heavily emphasized by the WR community. If you want to make cuts like some of the best route runners at the next level you need to be able to absorb a lot of force in your knees and in your ankles. If you aren’t stable with your lower half you will not be able to change direction effectively, suddenly and with any explosion. Working drills to emphasize your stick off the line and at the top of the route will help and a lot of 1 leg stability exercises for your hips and legs. On this site we have a 4 week on field workout schedule for WRs that contains over 150+ drills to work on exactly these aspects! We give you the sets/reps you need to do on a daily basis and we Include a video explaining each exercise. CHECK IT OUT HERE ⬇️⬇️

The second thing WRs can do to improve their cutting is work on their leg strength. So get in the gym and do squats, lunges, RDLs power cleans etc. If you have a strong lower half you will be able to build balance, flexibility and the ability to absorb force in your cuts.

Now last but not least, mechanically speaking, to get a more explosive cut you need to be striking the ground properly. Whether you are snapping down or being sudden with a speed cut, you should be striking on the arch of your foot. Not the balls of your feet/toes and definitely not your heels. If you cut on your toes you will fall on your face, if you cut on your heels you will lose explosion. Strike on the arch so you can drive off the inside of the arch and explode out of your breaks. Foot strike is one of the most underrated things to improve your cutting ability.

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